Ecological jet ski

Free Form Factory has unveiled the first fully electric electric scooter. The device is called Gratis X1 and thanks to the electric motor, it is much quieter and cheaper to use than typical scooters.

On land, electric vehicles are already something completely normal, as more and more cars and scooters are on the road, powered by ordinary electricity. The situation is quite different on the water, because the electric drive in boats is not very common.

However, the first step in the dissemination of this technology was made by Free Form Factory, which unveiled the latest electric scooter. The vehicle is called the X1 Gratis and thanks to the power supply it is not only much quieter than traditional scooters, but it is definitely cheaper to use because it does not need a lot of expensive gasoline.

Unfortunately, it also has a disadvantage, because on a single charge of the built-in battery will operate only 45 minutes. However, the manufacturer announces an additional battery pack that will extend this time to an hour.

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