Internet dron Facebook investigated subject

The National Transport Safety Council will investigate the incident that took place during Facebook’s online Facebook test. The unmasked went through them on 28th June, but they did not succeed.

Nowadays it is hard to get around without internet but on our planet it is available. This problem is particularly serious in developing countries where the broadband internet many people can only dream of.

Facebook wants to change it and is working on a dron called Aquila, which in a very simplistic way is a flying signal relay. The machine has a 40-meter span of wings and is made entirely of carbon fiber, which reduces the weight of the entire machine.

The first Aquili test was conducted on June 28th and although Facebook is satisfied with the test, it has now come to light that dron has suffered structural damage during the landing. This aroused the interest of the National Transport Safety Council (NTSB). Officials want to thoroughly investigate the matter to make sure that the unmanned is safe and will not fall apart in the air, falling to people’s heads.

This is important because Aquila has been in the air for months, so if the design is not strong enough, it is better to know beforehand to be able to dispose of it early enough.

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