Start “angary” again put off

This is the third cosmic delay in a week. According to the RIA agency, Russian experts have again republished the start of such an important prestigious for Moscow and Vladimir Putin himself “Angara” rocket.

The first flight was planned for the previous Wednesday, after which the flight was postponed to Friday. Yesterday at the final countdown in the spaceport in Plesiecko turned out, however, that the rocket “Angara1,2 PP” strangely vibrate. According to Russian engineers, this automatic safety system has prevented the start. They added that the rocket would be removed from the launch pad and subjected to technical analysis.

The environmentally-friendly “Angara” rockets, which are to be launched into orbit of various types of satellites, are produced from the beginning to the end in Russia and are the eyes of Moscow. They are supposed to support the currently used “Soyuz” and replace, among other things, the “Proton” missiles, which had a lot of malfunction.

Russians are also building a new space base in eastern Russia to become independent of the Baikonur spaceport in Kazakhstan.

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