Microsoft is increasingly pressing for a change of system on Windows 10

Microsoft is aggressively promoting its latest operating system Windows 10. The company wants even people who do not want to update their OS to “dozens” do so as soon as possible. What’s more, it largely limits the performance of applications that block upgrade notifications that the user simply does not want to see.

The pace of market adoption of Windows 10 is really big, which obviously has to do with the free system update for users of legitimate copies of Windows 7 and Windows 8. However, there are people who do not intend to change to newer software and are fully satisfied with the currently used OS. The problem is that with this option is not satisfied with Microsoft itself.

Josh Mayfield, the person responsible for the GWX Control Panel program that blocks updates, reports that the Redmond company has begun to circumvent its mechanism. Application users complain that it increasingly does not work. Microsoft, without asking permission, changes system settings to prompt the update to be visible to people again. Significantly, it is even displayed to users who have previously indicated that they do not want to see it.