Printer software for hackers

No software is free from errors, and the most important question remains how quickly they will be discovered so users will not be exposed for too long. Unfortunately, sometimes the error has to wait years, but decades, as in the case of the vulnerability present in the printer software.

Vectra Networks specialists have discovered that for almost 20 years, Windows Print Spooler, there is a vulnerability. This tool communicates with the printer and allows you to print documents. The weak point of the system is the Point-and-Print protocol, which, when we connect to a network printer for the first time, automatically downloads drivers for our computer, so we do not have to do it manually.

Vectra Networks has found that Windows Print Spooler since Windows 95 does not verify printer drivers when they are installed from a remote location. This defect allows hackers to specially craft the drivers, attaching them to malware, and then using several different methods to deliver them to our computer, thus infecting the hardware. What’s worse, you can infect many computers connected to the network.