The secret plan of the Nazis was revealed. They wanted to build a solar cannon

It is not mysterious that the Nazis possessed an extremely modern military technology, as exemplified by the V2 rockets. Not everyone knows that they have really extraordinary inventions in their pockets.

In the archive of Life magazine, in the issue of 1945, we find a description of an extraordinary technology which, if implemented, could completely change the fate of war. Well, German scientists are seriously considering building a solar cannon. In the orbit, a giant mirror would be placed to concentrate the sun’s rays, thus creating a wave of energy capable of smothering entire cities, or boiling a part of the ocean.

The originator of this weapon was Hermann Oberth, a scientist specializing in rocket design. His plan was to take 15 years and cost about 3 million marks. Its purpose was to create the weapons of ultimate destruction.

The design would be put into orbit in parts and then put together into one unit. A manned space station equipped with a mooring section could also be a weapon of choice, as well as hydroponic oxygen supplying gardens.

The plan seemed too bold at the time, and fortunately it was not successful. The Nazis were not the only ones who came up with a similar idea. In 1999, the Russians planned to use space mirrors to provide sunlight to their citizens during the winter.