“Grandpa” of modern American strategic bombers

Northrop YB-35 is one of the most important aircraft in aviation history, while the aircraft remained only prototype, but was the first “full-blood” combat aircraft built in the wings. It is this machine that laid the foundations for the development of modern American strategic bombers (and all indications are that also future ones). Although it has been over 70 years since its inception, the machine is still impressive.

The YB-35 is a four-engined, heavy-duty American strategic propeller bomber. The span of its wings was over 50 meters, and the machine was able to take just over seven tons of bombs aboard. Developed since 1941, the design was eventually not put into service, and the contract for more than 200 machines broke off.

However, this does not mean the end of this construction, after its first flights in 1946-47, its potential was recognized. The biggest problems of the prototypes were the propellers that propelled the structure into vibration and were the source of flight instability, thus the decision of the US aviation to exchange propeller units to jet and rebuild the entire engine.