Tesla Model 3 will debut March 31st

Tesla Motors, after the recent presentation of its first X-model SUV, is now planning to launch its first affordable model 3 car. The company announced that the car will have its official debut on March 31st and will be shown at a special event in Los Angeles.

Tesla, which has succeeded in popularizing electric vehicles, is increasingly expanding its offerings. The American company recently unveiled its first model X SUV, equipped with an unusual door-opening system, and is now planning to show the world the long-awaited Model 3.

The event will take place in Los Angeles on March 31 and is especially important for the company, as Model 3 will be Elona Muska’s first car to be priced at a more affordable price. For the Model S you have to pay about 100 thousand dollars, while the basic version of the Model 3 cost is in the range of 35 thousand dollars and without the government subsidies, after which the new car will become really attractive to the buyer.

The manufacturer ensures that during the event the prototype of the car is displayed, so journalists will be able to take a short ride to assess their capabilities.

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