The new generation PlayStation 4 is quieter than its predecessor

Sony constantly refreshes its consoles by introducing its newer, more improved version. Some time ago, the second generation of the PlayStation 4, the CUH-1200 model, which tests results, is much quieter than its predecessor and consumes less power.

The CUH-1200 was initially available mainly in Japan, but it is also beginning to appear in the United States and Europe, but so far in limited numbers. It is worth remembering that if you want to buy a new generation, you will not find it for the time being in the sets offered with the games.

What is the difference between the new model and the predecessor? Several modifications have been introduced, but the biggest is the reduction of electricity consumption, which results in less heat. And that in turn makes the device much quieter, because the fan does not have to work so hard anymore.

The difference in noise level between the two generations is illustrated by the video below. The older model (CUH-1004a) generates noise of up to 75 dB, so the console is quite audible. The new generation is only 62 dB, which is definitely quieter.

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